Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Take a Picture, It lasts Longer: Picture Frame Ideas

I want to try this! It looks great, and if you have light enough frames, it shouldn't need to much magnet strength. My only advice would be to obviously not use the glass covers in the frames. We dont need a shattered glass mess on the kitchen floor.

P.s. How awesome is that fridge??

Credit - RealSimple

This is a very classy and efficient way to store your jewellery. If your like me, its outta sight, outta mind. Jewellery boxes are great, but not practical for me.

Plus, it doubles as a great decor piece.

Credit - Heidi's Happy Home

Verrry cute idea. Picture frames as key/hook holders. This gives you the opportunity to use your wall space wisely and add a pop of colour to your room.

Credit - RealSimple

This is a great idea for holidays like Xmas or Halloween (as in the picture) but it could also work very well for ordinary everyday use if you use a simple colour and tray bottom.

Credit - A Well-Crafted Party

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