Thursday, September 8, 2011

All Blinged out!

Jewelry CAN be a girl's best friend....if its expensive (kidding...?) and you have a good storage system for it. Jewelry boxes don't fly with me. I don't like the look and if it's outta sight, it's outta mind. Here are a few cute alternative ideas for storing your accessories.

This is what I have, I picked up a black version of this cute peice at Jysk a few months ago and love love love it. Most jewelry holders are awkward looking or in the form of a box of some-sort. That wasn't workin for this girl.

Plus, I love the modern-outdoorsy look.

Credit - designbuzz

I like this idea, but it looks like it might take more precision than you would first think. Tying up little wire is never easy. This may come AFTER I try one of the picture frame holders seen below...

Clink the link for a tutorial though!

credit - RealSimple

Cute!! Especially for a little girl's room.

Credit - recycledcrafts

going to try this at home!

Credit - bibliobags

This is another take on the above, and I like this one alot more to be honest, maybe its the purple being pulled from the back wall to match it up, or the modern effect of the silver hooks...

credit - danipatrice

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