Wednesday, January 28, 2015

DIY Wood Floors

I have a very, very extreme and sick DIY disease.

Growing up in a family with a jack of all trades , and a perfectionist one at that, for a father, and cheap Ukrainian farmers for uncles and a mother, has embedded a veryyyy deep inner voice inside of me that says "Why would I pay someone for that? I can just do it myself".

A good DIY project is what my soul survives on. For majority of our relationship I had wished that my fiance was more like that. Although he is very handy and more often that not becomes involved in my projects as a saving grace when I strip the screw, cant find the stud or if anything needs to be lifted or positioned totally level or straight. (My head often rests slanted to the side naturally so my perspective of 'straight' is totally effed up. I can't make things straight. Ever. Not even with leveling tools.)

With that being said, we are entertaining the idea of buying a new house. A new to us, very old house. It is a local foreclosure that is 3,200 square feet. Our current starter home is 900 square feet. So much room for activities!!!

With that, is the need for a 'facelift'. Including 3,200 square feet of flooring that needs to be replaced. At that price, it adds up quickly.

I knew I wanted the wood plank look and wanted it to be kept cheap, but cheap laminate is well, CHEAP. it scratches super easy. So i found this lil gem of a project at Centsational Girl

I am in looooove with the look, and the price. I think my favourite part would be that you can see all of the nail holes.

Here are some other examples of this type of flooring.

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